Preferred A, B & E Stocks

The $1.60 Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series A was issued on November 3, 1989 in conjunction with Capstead’s acquisition of Strategic Mortgage Investments. The $1.26 Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock, Series B was issued on December 2, 1992 in conjunction with Capstead’s acquisition of Tyler Cabot Mortgage Securities Fund, Inc. The 7.50% Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock, Series E was issued on May 13, 2013. The following documents summarize various characteristics of the Series E Preferred Stock including the call price and dividend. Additionally, information is available regarding the redemption of the Preferred Series A and Preferred Series B.

Title Document
Notice of Redemption, Series B  
Summary of Series E Preferred Stock  
Consideration of Preferred Stock Conversion vs. Redemption  
Notice of Redemption, Series A