Investing in Capstead

There are a variety of ways to invest in Capstead Mortgage Corporation and you should consider which method is most suitable for your investment needs. This communication does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any security.

You can buy stock and reinvest dividends through the Folio Shareholder Platform

  • This service is provided byFolio Investing a registered broker-dealer, member NASD/SIPC.
  • To learn more or participate in the Folio Shareholder Platform, you can visit Folio Investing, by clicking here for more information

You can also invest through other financial institutions

  • Minimums, fees and other terms may vary by financial institution
  • Consult your local listings or financial advisor for more information

Capstead is not a broker and is not administering your investment in Capstead shares. Shares sold through the Folio Shareholder Platform, or any other financial institutions are purchased in the open market. The Folio Investing link is provided for your convenience and should not be viewed as a recommendation to purchase Capstead shares.

Please do not contact Capstead directly for information regarding the Folio Shareholder Platform or investing offers by other financial institutions.