Proxy Voting

Electronic Proxy Voting


The website link above is only for voting shares of Capstead common stock that are held in a brokerage account. If you hold your Capstead stock directly in certificate form, you may vote your shares at www.proxypush.com/cmo

Before you vote, you should carefully review our 2017 Proxy Statement and 2016 Form 10-K that were distributed to stockholders on or about April 12, 2017. For your convenience, these materials may be viewed by clicking on the links below

Supporting Materials

2016 Form 10-K

2017 Proxy Statement

Electronic Consent

If you hold Capstead stock in a brokerage account, you can save us postage and printing expense by consenting to receive your proxy statement, annual report and related materials via the Internet (assuming your brokerage firm participates in the electronic delivery service). If you do not consent to receive the materials via the Internet, you will receive a Notice of Internet Availability of Proxy Materials in the mail. If you made a permanent designation to receive hard copies upon receipt of a Notice, you will receive a hard copy of the materials in the mail.

To consent to receive these documents via the Internet, please visit www.icsdelivery.com.